Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2015
Business Combinations [Abstract]  

The Company accounts for business combinations utilizing the acquisition method in accordance with FASB ASC Topic 805, Business Combinations. Under the acquisition method of accounting, the fair value of the consideration transferred has been allocated to the tangible and identifiable intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their preliminary estimates of fair value.

LiveWatch Acquisition

On February 23, 2015 ("the Closing Date"), the Company acquired LiveWatch for a purchase price of approximately $61,550,000 (the "LiveWatch Purchase Price"). The LiveWatch Purchase Price includes approximately $3,988,000 of cash transferred directly to LiveWatch to fund transaction bonuses payable to LiveWatch employees as of the Closing Date. This cash is not included in the fair value of consideration transferred for the LiveWatch Acquisition. The LiveWatch Purchase Price also includes post-closing adjustments of $435,000 which were paid in the third quarter of 2015. The LiveWatch acquisition was funded by borrowings from the Company's revolving credit facility, as well as cash contributions from Ascent Capital.

In connection with the LiveWatch Acquisition, Monitronics entered into employment agreements with certain key members of the LiveWatch management team which provide for retention bonuses of $5,400,000 (the "LiveWatch Retention Bonuses") to be paid on the second anniversary of the Closing Date, and performance based bonus arrangements payable on the fourth anniversary of the Close Date (the "LiveWatch Performance Bonuses"). The LiveWatch Performance Bonuses are estimated to yield an aggregate payout of approximately $7,600,000. The LiveWatch Retention Bonuses and LiveWatch Performance Bonuses (together, the "LiveWatch Acquisition Contingent Bonuses") are contingent upon the continued employment of the key members of the LiveWatch management team. As such, the LiveWatch Acquisition Contingent Bonuses are expensed ratably over the service period based on the estimated value of the payouts. For the year ended December 31, 2015, the Company recognized $3,930,000 related to the LiveWatch Acquisition Contingent Bonuses, which are included in Selling, general and administrative expense in the consolidated statements of operations and comprehensive income (loss).

The table below represents the fair value of the assets and liabilities assumed in the LiveWatch Acquisition (dollars in thousands):


Trade receivables

Other current assets

Property and equipment

Subscriber accounts

Other intangible asset


Current liabilities
Fair value of consideration transferred

The preliminary estimates of the fair value of assets acquired and liabilities assumed are based on available information as of the date of this report and may be revised as additional information becomes available, which primarily includes the finalization of the valuation of assets and liabilities acquired.

Goodwill in the amount of $36,047,000 was recognized in connection with the LiveWatch Acquisition and was calculated as the excess of the consideration transferred over the net assets recognized and represents the value to the Company for LiveWatch's recurring revenue and cash flow streams and its diversified business model and marketing channel. All of the goodwill acquired in the LiveWatch Acquisition is estimated to be deductible for tax purposes.

The subscriber accounts acquired in the LiveWatch Acquisition are amortized using the 14-year 235% declining balance method. The other intangible asset acquired, which represents LiveWatch's trademark asset, is amortized on a straight-line basis over its estimated useful life of 10 years.

The Company incurred $946,000 of legal and professional services expense and other costs related to the LiveWatch Acquisition, which are included in Selling, general and administrative expense in the condensed consolidated statements of operations and comprehensive income (loss).

The Company's results of operations for the period ended December 31, 2015 include the operations of LiveWatch from the Closing Date. The effect of the LiveWatch Acquisition was not material to the Company's consolidated results for the periods presented and, accordingly, proforma financial disclosures have not been presented.

Security Networks Acquisition

On August 16, 2013 (the "Closing Date"), the Company acquired all of the equity interests of Security Networks and certain affiliated entities.  The purchase price (the "Security Networks Purchase Price") of $500,557,000 consisted of $481,834,000 in cash and 253,333 shares of Ascent Capital’s Series A common stock, par value $0.01 per share, with a Closing Date fair value of $18,723,000.  The Security Networks Purchase Price includes post-closing adjustments of $1,057,000. The Company recognized goodwill of $177,289,000.